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9 year Anniversary

I am feeling very blessed today. Today is me and Q’s 9 year wedding anniversary and I am feeling very lucky to have someone so special to share my life with. This will be our last anniversary as a family of 2. I can’t help but think how much our lives together are about to…


5 Tips -How to Pack Light

Over the years, I have learned quite a bit about how to travel with ease. Most of these lessons came from doing things wrong first. The single most important thing that will make your trip easier is to pack light. Now I know what you ladies are thinking, because I have felt that way too….


Pathway of the Gods

When we started planning our trip to the Amalfi Coast, Quentin researched hikes we could take. The Pathway of the Gods (the hike is named the Pathway of the Gods because you can actually be hiking and have clouds below you) is a very popular hike that runs from Nocelle to Bomerano. Nocelle is a…

Duomo- Amalfi


Amalfi the coast’s namesake is definitely worth a visit even if you can only drop in for a few hours. I would try to stop in early morning or late or in the day when the crowds tend to fizzle out. If you are there for just a few hours make sure you stop by…


Shit People Say

Oh the Things People Say to me when I am pregnant I simply must share this. So true story here, Q and I met with a pediatrician and afterwards we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. An elderly man was walking by and said “whoa you are huge!” and as if that wasn’t…


Don’t Save it All till the End

One question I get a lot is how/why Q and I travel frequently and am often complimented on our commitment to go on trips together. I am always very flattered when people say this but Q and I are not doing anything special we just want to do something so we find a way to…


Maternity Photos

Everyone has been asking me if I plan to get maternity photos done and frankly I am just not interested. I think pregnancy is very beautiful but many of the maternity photos I have seen are just so tacky and frankly, horrific. This is a great link on PopSugar of some very funny maternity photos. Needless,…


Labor Prep & Anxiety

Recently Q and I took a childbirth class at Tribeca Pediatrics in NYC. A friend of mine at work recommended it and I am so glad she did. The class was very helpful in preparing us for what to expect when I go into labor. Up until I took the class, I have purposely been…

Marble Loaf Cake

Marble Loaf Cake

As you know, I am a huge fan of Marble Cake. I felt that after making this recipe that it just wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I really wanted something a bit more dense and moist. The other recipe was really good though but this one is different. I felt this cake was…

Buttermilk Waffle Recipe

Buttermilk Waffles

I am a huge fan of buttermilk waffles and have tried numerous waffle recipes over the past few years. I recently stumbled across this recipe from and it’s a gem. They came out absolutely crispy and perfect just the way I like them. I feel like I can stop searching for the perfect recipe now…

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