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About Me

Hi there,

I’m Maria, I live in NYC with my husband Quentin, my baby Leo and my cat Romy. I am so glad you stopped by!

I love to write and this Blog provides an outlet for me to do that. This is not going to be one of those beautiful, “look how pretty I am and look how fabulous my life is” blogs and don’t get me wrong, I love those blogs too! Unfortunately, I don’t look anything like Gwyneth Paltrow. Oh well…nobody’s life is truly perfect I guess.

My passions are probably similar to yours, I seek out opportunities to be happy and try to do things and surround myself with people that make me happy. I love travel, so much so, that I think about it every day. I am always planning my next trip. This was the main reason I wanted to blog was to capture some thoughts I have about travel and places I have been and would like to go. I also enjoy reading, music, movies, fashion, art, fine wine, baking, great food and exercise (so I can eat more food and drink more wine of course.) One of my other passions is NYC so I will probably write about that too. The most important thing to me though is living a full life and making sure I am getting as much out of it as I can.

I love Fashion and may write about it now and then but don’t worry I won’t be posting selfies, I’ll let the folks over at  Cupcakes and Cashmere take care of that, they do a very good job.

Many people ask me why I named my blog “Ciao Maria” and frankly I am really not sure. “Ciao” is what we say in my family when we say goodbye (and it means goodbye in Italian.) I think I just couldn’t think of anything else to call it.

Thank you for stopping by and checking it out- I look forward to hearing from you!



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