The Best Brownie


I am not an amazing cook but I love baking. I always have. One dessert I have become famous for among my friends are my brownies. Confession though, this recipe is not mine. I have it had it for years and it is from Betty Crocker’s Cookie Book. I know how silly that must sound with all of the amazing Food blogs out there not to mention the Food Network blah, blah, blah. Betty’s been around for awhile though! Long before all the Food Network Chefs you see. I think she deserves some respect. Plus, this cookbook is all “make from scratch” recipes. I have never and will never buy a mix from the grocery store. I think they are gross. If I am going to pollute my body with sugar I want it homemade with no chemicals in it.

I would follow Betty’s recipe 100% with no variations with the exception of replacing unsalted butter with salted butter. This is very important.

Salt blocks your bitter receptors on your tongue so that is why salted dark chocolate tastes so good. Plus, it brings out more of that sweet chocolate flavor. Try to use the best butter you can find. I like KerryGold.

I have a KitchenAid mixer that really makes whipping these up even easier. For this recipe you have to mix them a certain way it recommends that you mix some of the ingredients for 5 minutes on high. I don’t want to stand there with a hand mixer for 5 minutes so that is why I use my KitchenAid. A good mixer will make baking a lot easier and for years to come. I have had my mixer for 13 years and it still works perfectly.

Baking is a science. If you follow this recipe to a tee your brownies will dazzle your friends and family.

Use a really good brownie pan.

That Betty is bad ass- trust me.

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