Olive Oil Bundt Cake

Olive Oil Bundt Cake

Last July I was in Ravello which is a small gorgeous town on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. It was a rainy afternoon and I wanted to tuck into a cafe, have a cappuccino and eat something sweet.

I ordered a slice of Olive Oil cake just to try it. My expectations were low though. I like desserts with Nutella, dense chocolate, Tiramisu you know… REAL desserts.

But the Olive Cake was very good. Not just “oh that was okay” but so good that I wanted another slice. I was shocked. It was sweet, lemony, light, decadent all at the same time. I was hooked.

I resolved to come home and make one myself. So I scoured the web for the right recipe. I wanted one with lemon in it since that is what was reminiscent of the one I had in Ravello.

This recipe is my favorite. I didn’t have any rum so I left that out plus, I don’t think the one I had in Ravello used Rum. I also made extra icing because, why the hell would you not make extra icing?

I used this Bundt pan too.

Make this and you will not be sorry. Quentin and I ate it up in a less than a week. Yes it has a cup of sugar in it but it has olive oil too…you know…good fat!

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