Naxos: Getting There & Arrival


Chora-Naxos, Greek Islands

Our trip to the Greek Islands began with round trip flights from NY JFK to Athens, Greece on Olympic Air. I wish I had good things to say about the flight experience but I don’t. We had a jack ass in the row behind us that sang on the way there until 5 in the morning. That was not a typo, he actually sang in his seat on an overnight flight and the flight attendants didn’t care. I honestly would have preferred Yanni plunking around on a Casio keyboard. Needless to say we barely slept and arrived in Athens exhausted.

From Athens we transferred to a regional airline service (operated by Olympic) that would take us to Naxos. You could take a ferry to the islands but that would just mean you have to leave the airport and go to the port. It also takes a lot longer. The flight from Athens to Naxos is under an hour so I highly recommend doing that so you don’t have to waste a ton of time on a ferry (not to mention having to schlep your stuff around.)

Chora, Naxos-Greek Islands

View from Temple Apollo of Chora

Our arrival in Naxos airport was smooth. Fantasy Travel had taken care of everything for us so we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We had a van pick us up to take us to our hotel. The airport in Naxos is really comical though. I enjoyed waiting for our luggage and watching the conveyer belt which happens to be a hole in the wall that vomits your luggage out. It’s kind of funny to watch everyone starts scurrying to get to their bags but it’s hard to get to them because other bags are landing on top. I found it very entertaining to watch all this and was fortunate that Quentin went to get the luggage. If you check a bag going to Naxos get ready for this and bring your patience and sense of humor, it’s pretty funny.

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