Things to Do in Naxos

View of Chora from Port Naxos Greece

Archway in Kastro

I am only about 5’4 so you can see how short these archways are



We were absolutely enchanted by Naxos and so much so that we promised to go back again for our 5 year anniversary so that we could explore more of the island. We were fortunate to follow through on that promise. The time we spent there just flew by though. I would like to go back again next year.

I have to say though there is something very special about Naxos. You just can’t help but be at peace there. I am not one of those new age types but the island has an energy that makes you feel rested and fantastic.

Below are links to our favorite restaurants or tavernas in Naxos as well as things you should do when you go:

Restaurant & Tavernas– I honestly wouldn’t stress about where to eat. We ate very well no matter where we went. Naxos is not a very commercial island so you will not find many overpriced tourist traps here. Below are links to a few of our favorites in Naxos.  All of them get very good reviews on Trip Advisor as well. These are the restaurants we went to again and again though so I can personally vouch for them.

Scirocco Restaurant 

To Elliniko

Meltemi Restaurant

-Explore the Kastro- this is an absolute must. It is inland and  to the right of the main square. White washed houses, winding alleys,archways, it is a perfect example of the beauty of Naxos. 

-Check out the Temple Apollo- you can’t miss it. Oh and by the way it was never finished

Temple Apollo Naxos

The unfinished Temple of Apollo

Chora, Naxos

Another gorgeous shot of Chora, Naxos.


Rent an ATV and explore remote beaches like Plaka & Mikri Vigla (keep track of the key though -those things are tiny and very easy to lose!)

Naxos-Greek Islands

Me & Quentin near the Temple Apollo in Naxos-Greek Islands


Quentin and I took the same picture on our 5 year anniversary. We plan to do this every 5 years. I hope we can make that happen!


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