Where to Stay in Naxos

Naxos Beach Resort Hotel View


Naxos Beach Resort Hotel -Pool View

We arrived at the Naxos Resort Beach Hotel very eager to check into our room and take a nap. Unfortunately, our room wasn’t available so we had to wait. We decided to grab lunch at the hotel and just wait by the pool. When we did get our key unfortunately, the lock malfunctioned so we couldn’t get in. The staff was great though and gave us another room in the meantime to shower and such while they fixed the lock on our room. This was the first incident with a key on this trip, there will be another.

The Naxos Resort Beach Hotel is a great place to stay in Naxos. It’s very clean and comfortable with tile floors and air conditioning. This is not a luxury hotel though so if you are expecting a “Westin Heavenly Bed” type sleep that won’t happen here. That being said, the price point is very reasonable and the staff is very accommodating. You will also enjoy the location with it’s beach front views, pool (not heated) and proximity to town. You are just a short walk to everything you need including restaurants, car rental companies, shopping etc.

The beach is lovely (Agios Georgios) and will suit you just fine if you do not want to venture far from your hotel. We like to try to find remote beaches as they are plentiful on Naxos (especially in September.) If you prefer¬†to go to the beach near the hotel it’s very nice and has several beach front tavernas so that you can grab lunch close by.

Naxos Beach Resort Bar Area

This is a picture of the Bar area which is right next to the pool


Naxos Beach Resort Hotel View

Another view from the hotel room


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