Pathway of the Gods

When we started planning our trip to the Amalfi Coast, Quentin researched hikes we could take.

The Pathway of the Gods (the hike is named the Pathway of the Gods because you can actually be hiking and have clouds below you) is a very popular hike that runs from Nocelle to Bomerano. Nocelle is a small village nestled in the cliffs above Positano. You can get a workout just taking the stairs from Positano to Nocelle with a total of 1500 steps. True Story.

Most hikers take the bus from Positano to Bomerano and then hike down the Pathway of the Gods from there. Quentin loves to hike and is in really good shape so he thought it would be fun to hike it both ways (it wasn’t that fun actually). I love my husband though so I agreed to go along even though I thought the bus option was a lot more appealing. Why hike both ways if you could just do a one way trip?

The morning we left the hotel to begin our hike it was rainy. We took the 1500 stairs up to Nocelle. We stopped at Santa Croce to fuel up for the big day since technically after all of those flights of stairs we still hadn’t even started our hike yet. We had a long leisurely lunch of Ravioli to fuel up for our hike. I highly recommend this restaurant the food and views are just perfect.

From Nocelle there are signs that mark the trail where your hike begins. The views on the hike were absolutely amazing. Keep in mind that all of the pictures below could still have been taken if we had just taken the bus from Positano to Bomerano and then hiked down from there.

In total we hiked about ~9 miles from Positano to Bomerano & back. Needless to say, I ate a 3 course meal that evening plus dessert. My legs felt like spaghetti for 2 days afterwards. I still don’t really admit this to Q, but it was worth it.

Check out these pictures from our hike:


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