The Stunning Amalfi Coast

View of Positano Amalfi Coast

There is nowhere on this earth that can compare to the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Q and I have an obsession with the Greek Islands, having visited there several times, we just love it. Friends and aquaintances always told me though “oh if you like the Greek islands, you need to go to the Amalfi coast!” I have been hearing this for years and kind of dismissed it. Nowhere in my eyes at the time, could hold a candle to the beauty of the Greek Islands.

I had to decide for myself though. I will be the judge! So we booked a 2 week trip to the Amalfi Coast which would give us plenty of time to explore and determine for ourselves if the place is truly as fabulous as people claim.

And fabulous it is. I don’t know that I want to compare the Greek Islands to the Amalfi Coast as both are stunning in their own way. However, the Amalfi Coast enchanted me, with views that brought tears to my eyes, they were just so stunningly beautiful.

Located on the south side of the Sorrentine peninsula, the Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline with the most enchanting little towns. If you are approaching the Amalfi Coast from a ferry, your eyes will feast on mountains that jut out of cerulean waters dotted with colorful houses within it’s cliffs. What a sight to see.

Our trip to the Amalfi Coast consisted of visits to Positano, Ravello and the coasts’ namesake, Amalfi. Each deserves at least a day or more to explore. Not to mention exploring the stunning coastline overall.

Definitely check out my posts on Positano, Sorrento, Ravello and Amalfi. This link to Budget Travel has some great hotel suggestions that won’t break the bank.

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