Exploring the Amalfi Coast

Q Amalfi Coast

If you are going to visit the Amalfi Coast you have to explore, well… the coast. There is a reason that they call it the Amalfi coast. Check out the coast for god sakes.

We decided to rent a boat and explore the Amalfi coastline by ourselves. We figured this would allow us the option to explore the grottos and beaches that can only be visited by renting a boat.

Amalfi (the town) and Positano have several kiosks at their ports where you can rent a boat. Stop at several and do some price comparisons. We didn’t go with anything high speed or fancy just an old fashioned wooden boat with a motor. It wasn’t like Hawaii Five-O it was more like Castaway but I digress. Who cares anyway with these views!

The rules of boating on the Amalfi Coast are that you should stay about 100 meters from the coast (especially if the police are out and about). We were diligent in following the rules to a tee though. The beauty of renting a boat is you see somewhere you want to stop and you just toss the anchor and go. It gives you a lot of freedom and this was the best thing we did on our trip.

Below are pictures from exploring the coastline. Absolutely magnificent.


Q boating on the Amalfi Coast

Q is the Captain of our little wooden boat

Beautiful Blue Water of the Amalfi Coast

It was a very hot July day. The water was very refreshing.


View of Amalfi from Boat

This is the town of Amalfi from our boat

Amalfi and Atrani Amalfi Coast

This view shows both Amalfi and the town of Atrani to the right.

Amalfi Coastline

Pretty views like this are typical along the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast Bridge

View of a bridge

Amalfi Coast

Another lovely view of the coastline

Clear Blue Water of Amalfi Coast

We stopped here to go for a swim

Atrani Amalfi Coast

This is a better view of Atrani. It’s an adorable little town. It reminds me of an Opera set.

View of Positano

I love the way Positano looks from the water. These pictures never get old to me.

Wooden Boat Amalfi Coast

This boat was similar to the one we rented.

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