NY’ers Trade Happiness For Money

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This is an interesting article I stumbled on recently. I am still pondering this but they do make an excellent point. You pay a price to live in this great city there is no doubt about that. I have friends that live in other areas of the country that get out of work at 5. I however often have meetings at 5 and sometimes even 6.

Living here has it’s ups and downs for sure. It is nothing at all like Sex & the City or Friends but there certainly is a “work hard, play hard” type mentality. Yes we work hard, but we also get to experience amazing things, that is if we’re not too exhausted from working so hard.

I do often wonder though, if many NY’ers, myself included, get caught in a rat race that is difficult for us to get out of. After working hard for a very long time it becomes a part of you. This is probably not healthy though. Of course, happiness really depends on how you feel and not about where you live. Often people move thinking it will make them happier but their problems follow them. There may be some of us NY’ers that if we did move we would enjoy a quieter life for quite some time. Then perhaps we would wake up one day and be bored out of our minds not to mention frustrated that we couldn’t get a decent bagel.

I know many of you have bagel shops in your hometown and I am sure they are great but there is nothing that can compare to a NYC bagel. Oh, and don’t even get me started on a decent slice of pizza. As to whether these things are worth the price we pay in hard work is another story though. My answer to this question really depends on the day.



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