Couples Baby Shower

Me and Q outside of Jules Bistro

My best friend Aline planned a couples baby shower for us in New York City. I feel very fortunate to have great friends in our lives. That is what life is all about!

I have always been baby shower averse. The shower events where I am watching people open up bottle after bottle and onesie after onesie are excruciatingly long and boring. My friend Aline knew this, so she planned a perfect party with no tedious gift opening. It was also a nice balance to have couples instead of just ladies. Men want to celebrate too and Q loved being a part of it. Thank you Aline!

Plus, my best friend and her sister traveled from Florida to surprise me as well. We have known each other since 7th grade. My mom was able to make it up here for the shower and she stayed the entire week. It was great to have her with me.

Our shower was held at Jules Bistro in the East Village with live jazz. It was very classy, party guests had bottomless mimosas and a very yummy brunch. Aline also designed the cake to look exactly like the invitation. The cake was one of the most delicious cakes I have ever had. She got it made at Whole Foods! I couldn’t believe how tasty it was and thankfully, I got to take some leftovers home.

Although we did not open up all of our gifts, our friends, Stephan and Olivia bought us a really cool gift to open at the shower it’s called Mysterio Infant T-Shirt and it comes in a little bag. Basically the bag summarizes all of the potential future occupations your child could have and when you open the bag you unroll the t-shirt to find out what Mysterio says your baby will be. They have all different types of varieties that they carry. This is the one we had. Pictures are courtesy of you can also purchase it from as well.

Mysterio Baby Tee

This is the bag it comes in


Options-Mysterio-Baby Tee

These are all of the occupations that could be on the tee


You don’t know until you open the bag!

What’s awesome is we all had to guess what Leo would be and I guessed a Double Agent and guess what? The tee said Double Agent! Mother’s intuition already kicking in I guess!

Mysterio Tee Reveal

You can see I guessed correctly. Here are a few more pics from the shower as well. My friend Stephan is the back very proud of himself, as you can see. The picture in the lower left is with Aline, her adorable daughter Maia and my mom.



Adorable and yummy cake designed to look just like our invitation

Here is a picture of the adorable invitation sent via Paperless Post:


Shower invite from Paperless Post

I love this shower invite and it was nice to know we saved a tree by sending it electronically.


Flowers for Shower

Aline had these pretty flowers at every table. I love the mason jars too

Me and my best friend Dawn

Me and Dawn


Me and Q outside of Jules Bistro

We had such a great time. It was a wonderful shower.

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