Labor Prep & Anxiety


Recently Q and I took a childbirth class at Tribeca Pediatrics in NYC. A friend of mine at work recommended it and I am so glad she did. The class was very helpful in preparing us for what to expect when I go into labor.

Up until I took the class, I have purposely been avoiding knowing much about labor because, frankly I was/am terrified of it. Now after taking the class I do feel better and certainly a lot more prepared with what to expect.

Every couple in the class got a book on Labor called The Big Book of Birth which pretty much recaps a lot of what was covered in class. I highly recommend it!

Although I feel more prepared and I suppose as ready as I can possibly be, the anxiety hasn’t gone away. I dont think it’s about the labor part but more so anxiety about the baby’s health. So far everything has been just fine with me and the baby but the book did cover some of the things that can go wrong during labor and/or after and I am just a tad bit worried.

I hope everything will be okay and that labor will go smoothly. I would love an “express” type labor where it only takes a few hours but I know that’s not likely. Hey a girl can dream though, nothing wrong with that.

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