Frankenfeet and Cankles

Bride of Frankenstein

So far I have been very fortunate to have a good and easy pregnancy throughout but I have gained weight like crazy especially during my second trimester. Before I was pregnant I have always enjoyed taking good care of myself and exercising including strength training, spin classes and running. This allowed me to eat Nutella more often and drink wine without gaining weight. Hooray for exercise. Life is just to damn short to avoid Nutella or wine!

When I got pregnant I just figured the fact that I was fit before pregnancy that It might help me out a little. I didn’t gain any weight in the first 3 months, not one ounce.  I was even feeling well enough to continue exercising and I decided to buy one session with a trainer so that she could show me things I could do that were safe for me and the baby. I was working out pretty consistently through my 20th week of pregnancy without any issues.

By my second trimester I really started packing on the pounds and fast. Then after a visit with my doctor at around 20 weeks we found that my placenta was sitting a little low. This often happens though and she mentioned it would likely rise through my pregnancy (as it did when I went for my check up at 27 weeks) but from 20 weeks to 27 weeks I couldn’t lift weights per my doctor’s orders (which I had still been doing religiously up until that point).

I figured, no big deal though because I can still do cardio so at least I hadn’t lost that. Well see, something fun that I have been experiencing as a result of my pregnancy is Frankenfeet and Cankles. It’s when your feet get so swollen they look like bricks and your ankles look like tree stumps. It is especially pretty when you’re wearing skirts. By the way, the medical term for this is Edema.

It just so happens I am not a morning exerciser but an after-work exerciser. The afternoon is prime Frankenfeet and Cankle time since by end of day my feet and ankles have had 8 hours to swell up. Hopping on the elliptical isn’t exactly what I would like to be doing with my Frankenfeet. Going home, propping them up and watching Game of Thrones sounds more like it.

I am currently at 28 weeks and have gained 30 lbs. My husband keeps telling me it’s water weight. I hope he’s right. At the end of the day, it’s not the biggest deal I am confident I will be able to lose it after giving birth but in the meantime, I am feeling rather large and uncomfortable. I have found a new appreciation for my pre-pregnancy body which I had always hated for one reason or another. Now I realize I really didn’t look too badly and although I never wore ankle bracelets, I should have. I had some nice ankles. I actually had ankles!

I know this amazing little boy I am having will be well worth it- so in the meantime, I am just trying to walk as much as I can and eat sensibly. I no longer buy Nutella. Since I am not working out, like I used to I have no way of burning off that amount of calories. I really miss Nutella though- I will have to go on a Nutella binge after the baby is born. I am going to need to make up for all of this lost Nutella time somehow.

Nutella and an ankle bracelet would be a great gift for me after the baby is born. Mom if you’re reading this, take note.


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